View From the Front Porch

I’ve been a writer for over eight years now, and I’ve seen just about everything you could imagine. In the midst of 2020, (a year I’m sure most of us would rather forget), I decided I needed a fresh start, new inspiration, and a new world to write in. So I took my love of family, friendship, and falling in love and I began writing a romantic women’s fiction set in the world of Glade Lake, a small Colorado town full of colorful characters, strong women, the men who love them, and families and friends that last a lifetime.

So where does the front porch come in? Simple! From the front porch you can see all of Glade Lake wandering by. Your friends, your neighbors, your family. The front porch is the place you had your first kiss, and that nice cool glass of lemonade in the summer with your grandma. Our fluffy friends hang out on the porch, and you can watch the kids playing from the front porch after a long day at work. Front porches are the perfect gathering place and in Glade Lake they’re where we congregate, gossip, and fall in love.

So come join everyone in Glade Lake on the front porch and get to know your new favorite book.

Love, Abby.

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