Views From the Front Porch June 2020

Some of the best photos I saw from lockdown earlier this year were of people all over the world using porches (and balconies and stoops) to interact with one another from a distance. Images of Italians singing from balconies, Brits applauding from stoops, and Americans having happy hour from neighboring porches helped make a scary time feel much safer.

The front porch is an iconic American image, and I’ve always loved the sense of safety but connectedness it provides. When my children were tiny we had a glassed-in front porch where they could play and watch neighbors go by. They could make a mess on the front porch because the floor was concrete. Balls would bounce there and paints could spill, but they were safe in way they’d never be outdoors in the city we lived in.

For me, writing is a lot like being on the front porch (and I actually do quite a bit of my writing on my own front porch). It’s someplace familiar and safe where I can observe a whole other world. When I write a story, it’s a safe space to meet different people and worlds and events. Not that different from reading, right? My mind can experience things it wouldn’t otherwise, all through the secure stability of my MacBook Air.

I’ve just begun my debut romantic women’s fiction novel, but I’ve written over thirty books under a pen name in contemporary romance and romantic suspense. And while working in a new genre and building a new audience can be daunting, the core of it—the writing—is safe, and familiar, like my front porch.

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